2007. Deadline 7 June 2007. Interview-debate concerning sex differences in general intelligence. 🔗

2007. Interview following the clearance for scientific dishonesty in relationship to a paper on sex differences in general intelligence.

2008. Deadline 28 June 2008. Interview debate concerning the relationship between intelligence and religiousness.

2010. TV interview and debate med Peter Lund Madsen ‘Hjernemadsen’ (popular TV researcher) concerning low IQ immigration. 🔗

2011. The following speeches deals with related phenomena like IQ, immigration and Europe’s future. Please note that Youtube has censured away Part 3 and 4 of the four linked lectures because these parts apparently harms peoples mind, according to Youtube. So beware! You may thus safely watch Part 1 and 2 – as long as somebody do not point them out for censure, too. 🔗

2011. Interview after the speech above. 🔗

2015. Deadline 26 Jan 2015 – Helmuth Nyborg, Peter Pagh, Vagn Lundsgaard Hansen 🔗

2016. Interview with Stefan Molyneux. 🔗